Welcome Friends Porch Leaner Cutouts 

These cutouts best fit a 1"x10"x48" (1"x9.25"x48) board but could be put on a larger board.  If you need a board, boards are also available on the website.

Included in the cutouts are - the letters for Welcome and letters for FRIENDS, 2 coffee cups, 3 umbrellas, a picture frame, lamp and sofa and 6 "dots" and a small container of wood glue.

These are cut from 1/4" mdf and 1/8" mdf and come unpainted. Use your own acrylic/craft/chalk paint to paint the cutouts. If adding to a porch leaner that will be outside some kind of weather protectant should be applied to the board and pieces.

Please note I do cut these on upon ordering and are usually available within a one to 2 days of purchasing.