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Resin/Engraved Michigan Charcuterie 12" Round Paddle Board - NJ Art

Round Acacia Board measuring 14” round with a 4” paddle 

Engraved with a the Michigan Lakes - Resin filled blue/green with resin waves over it and a full coat of resin over the entire design. 

There is room on the back for engraving and will be oiled at the time of purchase after an additional engraving is done.

*pleas note with any handcrafted items there may be imperfections - this one has more  than I would like (therefore I have discounted it) but they do not jeopardize the integrity of the piece

Resin uses is high quality Resinate see specs below;

Dry heat +110º C (+230º F)
Spills +66º C (+150º F)
Immersion +66º C (+150º F)
Cold -40º C (-40º F)
Above temperature limits are laboratory test results.

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