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Michigan Wave on a 1/2 acacia wood board

Board measures approx 11” long (included handle) x approx 8” wide. (The board is not produced in the studio those are purchased from Jersey Blanks).

The board is engraved with Michigan and using Resinate to create the wave effect. Due to the size of the board the entire front of the board is covered in resin, you can only add engraving to the back of the board.Each board is unique and different, no two boards are alike. Most boards take about 3 weeks to create.

The resin/epoxy is food safe(once cured)

If  you would like to add additional engraving to the the back(at no extra charge)only  please let me know in the “notes” when ordering and I will send you a proof before adding the engraving.

Here are the temperature specs on the resin:

Dry heat +110º C (+230º F)
Spills +66º C (+150º F)
Immersion +66º C (+150º F)
Cold -40º C (-40º F)
Above temperature limits are laboratory test results.

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